Carpet Tack Strips

Carpet tack strips are the key to polished and professional-looking carpet installation. Quality carpet tack strips placed underneath the carpet creates crisp and smooth edges, as well as firmly secure the carpet in place without any visible accessories sticking out of the carpet’s surface. Max Supply Inc. features a wide selection of carpet tack strips that facilitates easy, affordable, and efficient carpet installation. We offer an excellent line of tried-and-tested tack strips and other carpet supplies to ensure long-lasting performance and superior results even in the most challenging carpet installations.

Why Choose Max Carpet Tack Strips?

Max Supply Inc. is a carpet supplies company dedicated to providing superior-quality tack strips to help our customers succeed in their projects, too. We fulfil orders of numerous contractors and make sure their purchase arrive on time, thanks to our speedy and convenient delivery option. Here are some of the carpet tack strip options that we currently have in stock:

Tack Strip Widths

  • Regular is the most cost-effective type of tack strip. Its thickness is 7/8 wide. This is the best carpet strip for those working on a limited budget.
  • Extra Wide is the most commonly used strip featuring a full once-inch wide plywood. For extra durability the front and back rows of pins are moved farther apart. They can be used for commercial and residential carpet applications.
  • Tri-Track is ideal for challenging residential carpet applications such as Berber installation. It features three rows of pins on 1 ¼ inch plywood base. It is a cost-effective substitute to double stripping and full-width commercial carpet tack strips.

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Anchoring Nails

  • Standards has no anchoring nails, but instead used in combination of nailers on wooden flooring.
  • Regular wood has ¾ inch a x 12 ½ gauge ring shank anchoring nail this is perfect for wooden floors and subfloors made from wood products.
  • Heavy Duty nails has1 inch x 13- gauge ring shank. This is used for subfloors where strength and durability are needed.
  • Regular concrete has 11/16 inch x 12 gauge hardened shank anchoring nail used in concrete floors.
  • Heavy duty concrete has 5/8 inch x 10 hardened gauge shank anchoring nails. It reduces the bending and shattering of concrete breakout around the nail.
  • Dual purpose has 11/16 x 12 gauge nails that can be used doe wood and concrete flooring.
  • Elasticel has 1-14 inch X 12 gauge anchoring oil that is light weight perfect for acoustical concrete designed to absorb sound.

Wood – At Max Supply Inc., we sell carpet tack strips made from plywood, that which is strong and durable in Dallas and nearby Texas areas. These are also based on pin heights.

  • C-pin has ¼-inch pin height perfect for latexed thick backings
  • E-pin has 7/32-pin height and the most accessible tack strip.
  • D-pin has 3/16-inch pin height perfect for dense carpets which in turn avoids pins from shooting through the face pile of the carpet.
  • J-pin has 5/31 inch pin height ideal for low-profile, woven, fine velours, and velvet carpets with thin backings.

Why choose Max Supply Inc.?

Whether you are looking for carpet tack strips, Z-bars, padding, and other professional-grade carpet installation accessories and tools, Max Supply Inc. offers the best products that professional carpet installers can rely on for unparalleled quality, performance, and value. Max Supply Inc. currently supplies in the following areas: Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Coppell, Carrollton, Plano, Duncanville, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Desoto, Farmers Branch, University Park, Balch Springs, Hutchins, and Lancaster among many others.